Winnebago County Health Department



Human Resources is responsible for soliciting qualified applicants through the most appropriate means available. Human Resources, in conjunction with line management, will endeavor to ensure that all current, qualified employees receive consideration for available openings,
as well as external candidates.
Human Resources will normally post an available opening in accordance with the WCHD's policy on job posting (minimum of 5 Days).
All employees and interested external candidates are eligible to apply for open positions.
Human Resources will also use all appropriate external sources available to recruit the best possible candidate for the position. A Human Resources representative screens applicants, whenever appropriate, before the applicant meets with the Division Supervisor,where the job vacancy exists. Human Resources and/or the Supervisor should also ensure that each applicant, regardless of level, completes the WCHD's official employment application before any offer of employment is extended to the applicant.
Whenever an applicant meets and discusses possible employment directly with WCHD representatives, Human Resources must be informed so that it can ensure that the employment application is completed and appropriate applicant flow information required by applicable laws is maintained.