Winnebago County Health Department

About the Winnebago County MRC


Dear Community Member:                

The USA Freedom Corps & Medical Reserve Corps were created to help establish a culture of service, citizenship and responsibility in our nation, allowing residents to fulfill our country’s call to individual volunteerism while significantly aiding our local communities in the time of a health disaster. The MRC program places emphasis on the importance of both a family disaster plan for the home and a community disaster plan to relieve the local emergency response agencies when the need is overwhelming.

Our local MRC will become a force of local volunteers ready to assist the Winnebago County Health Dept. in the event of a public health disaster. Within the MRC is a core group of “active” volunteers to be planners, team leaders, trainers & retention specialists and to assist in local community health initiatives, as needed.
We are actively recruiting nurses, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, mental health professionals, child specialists and other health professionals. 

In order to support the medical volunteers, we also actively recruit people with any other skill, such as inventory specialists, educators, people with organizational skills, etc. Together we will have a full force prepared to respond when called. On this webpage you will find a MRC application and MRC program Overview Letter, Emergency Preparedness Newsletter, Links Training Opportunities and more. If you have questions or suggest any specific agencies or individuals that you feel we should contact, please contact the Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator, Karla Chester at Our fax number is (815) 720-4001
Karla Chester, Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator                           
Winnebago County Health Department