The Teen Health Advisory Team hopes to educate and inspire more than over 3,000 students during the summit.

The Teen Summit is designed to build resiliency through humor and provide students with information on making good choices for their future, staying away from negative influences such as; tobacco, alcohol,  and other drugs, and learning about pregnancy prevention and bullying prevention.  Students will learn strategies on how to engage other young people in conversations regarding bullying, violence/gang, substance abuse prevention, sexuality and peer pressure. The Summit will also gain a better understanding how social networking and music have a huge impact on youth culture.   

The following community agencies contribute to the sponsorship of this event: The Winnebago County Health Department, The Rockford Boys and Girls Club, The Rockford Park District, Rockford University, Master Builders Masonic Lodge, CASA, Rockford Public School District, Crusader Community Health, Rated AG Entertainment, Easter Seals Children’s Development Center, St. Elizabeth’s Center, Winnebago County, Rockford Alcohol Free Teens, MYAC, F-FACT, Rockford, MELD, Unitarian Universalist Church, and Rosecrance.