As of June 2010, the Winnebago County Health Department maintains a stockpile of H1N1 vaccine. According to the CDC, the H1N1 vaccine will be included in the 2010-2011 seasonal flu vaccine, meaning that you will only need to obtain a single seasonal fly vaccine to be protected against the seasonal flu virus AND the H1N1 virus. As with any influenza vaccination, children 9 years of age and younger will require 2 vaccinations, approximately 30 days apart in order to obtain full protection. The WCHD will continue to store H1N1 vaccine until such time as the CDC determines that it is no longer neccessary, or until the arrival of the 2010 - 2011 seasonal flu vaccine.

The Winnebago County Health Department urges all residents of Winnebago County to obtain an H1N1 vaccination
before the advent of the next flu season, as the H1N1 virus is still in the US, even if it is not easily noticeable. Please contact the Winnebago County Health Department to make an appintment to get your H1N1 vaccine.

The Winnebago County Health Department received several shipments of the antiviral medications Tamiflu and Relenza through the activation of the Strategic National Stockpile. This stockpile of antiviral medication is maintained by the Winnebago County Health Department and is available for distribution to Winnebago County residents through healthcare providers. For more information on how to receive this antiviral medication from the Health Department,
please contact the Emergency Response Coordinator at (815)720-4217

May 2010: If you are a healthcare provider who has received antiviral medication from the Winnebago County Health Department, please be aware that the CDC, FDA and DOJ are currently reviewing the Emergency Use Authorization to update the Shelf Life Extension Program (SLEP). The antiviral medication Tamiflu with the Lot # B1080, expiration date of 10.2009 had the shelf life extended until 10/2010. The shelf life may be extended into 2011, and if this occurs the health dept. will receive notice through the Emergency Use Authorization extension which will in turn be passed on to all WCHD partners. If you have any questions on antiviral medications please contact the Emergency Response Coordinator at (815)720-4217.