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  • Please enter the date, select your school district, or other if it is not listed
  • Type the name of your school, the total enrollment of students and total number of staff
  • Based upon the definition of influenza like illness, submit the number of students and staff out of school
  • Click submit when finished
  • Report daily please
  • Count ALL students no matter what their illness is
  • Count a student each day they are absent, even if they are absent for multiple days or an extended period of time
  • If the student has flu like symptoms, count them as ILI, even if after going to the doctor, the rapid flu test comes back negative
  • If you have an absenteeism rate higher than 10% for any given day, please report to us at (815) 720-4050 or (815) 720-4080. In addition, we will be in touch with you to gather additional information.
  • Please call (815)720-4050 or (815)720-4080 if you have questions.